School of Dance

Covid-19 Guidelines

The decision to go from in-person classes to online classes will be based on the current Covid-19 levels affecting the communities we live in and feedback from families.  


-Tumbling II and III, please bring a yoga mat or towel to class with you. We will be restructuring classes to better facilitate social distancing.

-Airtrack, mats, and high touch areas will be frequently sanitized throughout the evening.

-Instructors will wear masks when keeping at least 6 feet distance from students is not an option.

-Masks for students are up to the discretion of each individual/family. 

-We are asked to keep the number of people in the building to a minimum, so please drop your dancer or tumbler off & pick them up at the end of class. Parents of younger children may stay if needed.

-We will have areas marked on the dance floors to remind dancers to maintain proper distancing. Please remind them of the importance of this. We will also be asking all students to wash their hands before and after class.



-If it becomes necessary to postpone in-person classes, online classes will be offered to current students at a discounted rate of $18 per month/class.

-Online classes will be held via Zoom

-Class codes will be shared by messenger/e-mail. 

-Tap & Clogging students may find it beneficial to use a Tap Board for at-home practice.  An easy way to DIY- use a 4x4 piece of plywood, attach strips of foam to the back (kids playroom floor tiles work), and use sealant on the top for durability.  There are several YouTube videos out there explaining the process in greater detail.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.  We can be contacted through Facebook Messenger, email celebrationschoolofdance@hotmail.com or phone; 309-255-9058 Jennifer Boyer or 309-255-5967 Allison Jacobs.