Tumbling II                                          5:00-6:00

Tumbling III                                         5:00-6:00

2-4 year old Combo Dance & Tumbling   6:00-6:30

Adult Clogging                                      7:00-8:00

Adult Beginner Clogging                        8:00-9:00


Unsure  of what classes to take?

Contact Jennifer or Michelle for a private consultation.  We can provide information on all of our class offerings and skill levels of each!

Summer Schedule

Session 1 June 11-July 18 (no classes July 2 or 4)

Session 2 July 23-August 22


Tumbling IV                                  5:00-6:00

Tumbling I                                    5:30-6:00

Kids Clogging                                6:00-7:00

Line Dancing                                 7:00-8:00

Kids Beginner Clogging                   7:00-8:00

Tumbling II, III, & IV will consist of 30 minutes of cardio and strength training in the back studio and 30 minutes of skill building on the airtrak.

Fees: Hour Class $50 per session

30 minute class $25 per session


Tumbling I     Basic body control & strengthening exercises, forward rolls

Tumbling II     Strengthening & flexibility, cartwheels, round offs, handstands, bridges and back bends

Tumbling III    Running cartwheels & round offs, front and back limbers, and back handspring preparation

Tumbling IV    Back handspring, back tuck, front & back walk overs, and aerials


309.255.9058   Jennifer Boyer     217.357.1470   Michelle Merritt

Front & back studios are both located at 62 South Madison Street,

Carthage, Illinois (West side of the square)