Monthly Tuition

Other Costs



Tap Shoes $30
Ballet Shoes $20
Clogging Shoes $55-$125 depending on style chosen
Leotard $10-30
Tights $6
Recital costume $20-$75
Recital Tickets $8 (Performers do not need a ticket)
Celebration School of Dance T-shirt $15

All of our tumbling classes are taught on an Airtrack and gymnastics mats.  Training completed through the United States Tumbling & Trampoline Association.

Tumbling I
Listening to instruction and basic coordination skills are encouraged; log rolls, bear walks, somersaults, and cartwheel preps are taught.

Tumbling II 
Cartwheels, backwards roll, round off, table, donkey kicks and handstands with assistance are taught.  Tumbling I skills are reinforced.

Tumbling III
Running cartwheel, running round off, handstand, headstand, bridge, backbend, one handed cartwheel, front walkover, back walkover, and front limber.

Tumbling IV 
Back Limber, aerial cartwheel, front & back handspring, front & back  tuck, punch front, layouts and twists.

A graceful, precise form of self expression.  Dancers will be taught basic ballet terminology, barre and center exercises.  Ballet is taught in a fun, non-competitive environment.  

Evolving from jazz music, tap dancing combines African and European roots to give us the sounds and rhythm of today's tap dance.  Rhythmic steps along with an emphasis in Broadway tap adds entertainment to our recitals.

​Clogging is a combination of Irish, Scottish , and English steps, mixed with a large influence from Appalachian flat footing.  Clogging requires a special double tap shoe.  This is what makes Cloggers so loud!

2-4 year old Combo Class 
15 minutes of basic dance moves and 15 minutes of Tumbling I skills.  Dance shoes are not required.

4-6 year old Combo Class
15 minutes of Ballet & 15 minutes of tap.  Dancers are required to have ballet and tap shoes.

Payments are due the first class of each month.  Payment can be made by cash, check, or Venmo.

1 class $30/month
2 classes $60/month
3 classes $90/month
4 classes $120/month
5 or more classes $150/month
Fees are per household. Example If you have 2 kids that each take 2 classes, the monthly fee would be $120.


Payment can be made for entire session (September-December)

1 class $120

2 classes $240

3 classes $360

4 classes $480

5 or more classes $600